EngineWeightAgeTiresEngine Rules
Micro IAME Micro Swift225 LBS.7-10Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF
Micro Rok230 LBS.7-10Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF
MiniIAME Mini Swift245 LBS.9-13Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF
Mini Rok250 LBS.9-13Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF
X30 JuniorIAME X30 (26mm)320 LBS.12-15Evinco RedSKUSA
TaG LightIAME X30365 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
PRD350 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
Rotax Evo375 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
Vortex RoK GP380 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
IAME Leopard360 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
TaG HeavyIAME X30395 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
PRD380 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
Rotax Evo405 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
Vortex RoK GP410 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
IAME Leopard390 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
125cc ShifterSpec Honda (Senior)385 LBS.15+Evinco RedSKUSA
Spec Honda (Master)410 LBS.30+Evinco RedSKUSA
Open Shifter (Senior)385 LBS.15+Evinco RedIKF
Open Shifter (Master)410 LBS.30+Evinco RedIKF
LO206 CadetBriggs LO206240 LBS.8-12Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF
LO206 JuniorBriggs LO206310 LBS.12-15Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF*
LO206 SeniorBriggs LO206360 LBS.15+Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF
LO206 MasterBriggs LO206390 LBS.30+Evinco Blue (1 Set Only)IKF

Clarification on Tires

There seems to be some confusion as to the policy for the 2018 CAN-AM Karting Challenge. We’re here to help shed some light. Here are some answers to some questions that have come up:

  1. Competitors are completely welcome and may elect to run their Evinco Tires all season long. While we do mandate racers to purchase a minimum of one set for the year, racers may use those same tires all season.
  2. In Evinco Red spec classes, drivers may elect (but are not required) to purchase an additional set for each day.
  3. In designated LO206, Micro, and Mini classes, racers may *not* purchase more than one set of Evinco Blues per weekend. Racers are required to run ONE set for BOTH races and may not elect to purchase new tires for each day.

Again, racers may use the SAME set of tires at all three rounds. In the case of Evinco blue classes, the tires raced on Saturday will be the same raced on Sunday. In Evinco Red classes, racers may elect to run a new set each day, if they choose.


CAN-AM Supplemental Regulations
CAN-AM Sporting Regulations and Structure

* On LO206 Junior, the BLACK carb slide will be used.
*All shifter engines welcome. Our goal is for you to have a class to race.
**Only non-flagrant disqualifications may be dropped.
***The Tech Director and/or Race Director will determine if a DQ is listed as a flagrant or non-flagrant disqualification.[/one_half_last]


Download Disclaimer PDF: HERE


By submittal of an event entry application, or any purchase through this website, I agree to hold Can-Am Karting Challenge, together with its owners, heirs, assigns, officers, representatives, agents, employees and members, harmless from all liability. This includes, but is not limited to: injury to persons, property, employees and/or reputation that may be sustained by me; from all claims of said injuries to parties listed above growing out of, or as a result of the event contemplated under the entry form; or caused by any construction or conditions of the course over which the event is held.

I have reviewed the event website at www.canamkartingchallenge.com and understand the rules and policies contained therein. Furthermore, I have reviewed and understand the cancellation/refund policy as stated below:


EVENT FEES – Can-Am will provide a full refund (less a 15% processing fee) of paid event fees (entry, practice, pit passes, transponder rental, race tires) for cancellations received on or before Midnight on SUNDAY before the applicable event. Rollovers allowed if used on the very next event only.

UNDELIVERED PRODUCT – Can-Am will provide a full refund (less an 15% processing fee) of the purchase price of undelivered hard goods (race or practice tires, race or practice fuel) for cancelled orders received on or before Midnight on SUNDAY before the applicable event. Rollovers allowed if used on the very next event only. Rain Tires Excluded.

MEMBERSHIP FEES – No refunds will be given for SKUSA or ROTAX Memberships or License fees.