McMinnville Race Specifics

By June 22, 2018Uncategorized

We’re excited to have racers coming into McMinnville this weekend for Round 1 and 2 of the CAN-AM Karting Challenge. We have some event specifics you’ll want to know, here:

*Updated 10:27PM – after consideration on the timeliness of the fuel spec announcement, we’ve reconsidered and will only be requiring spec fuel for LO206 classes.

  1. Spec fuel for all shifters and all TaG (excluding Rotax) is K&S110 Please see Mike Rolison for fuel. 5 gal pail for $60
  2. 87 octane fuel for all 206 classes at Porter’s Mobil station
  3. If you’re running a Rotax engine in TaG light or Tag heavy you must use 92 octane at the Porter’s Mobil station
  4. Registration opens at 7AM Friday morning
  5. Practice begins at 10AM
  6. CAN-AM will be on Race Hero
  7. We will hand out race tires Friday from 1-5PM located at operations trailer next to the grid
  8. CAN-AM is hosting a free BBQ for everyone in attendance on Saturday, beginning at 6pm